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Boozy birthday cakes for adult birthdays

by Ruby Rhodes

If you are planning a birthday party for a friend or family member who really enjoys alcoholic drinks, creating a boozy cake can be a fun way to include a more adult theme in your birthday celebrations. Here are some of the ways you can make a boozy birthday cake.

A cake shaped like a bottle or glass

You can create a cake that is shaped like a cocktail, wine or beer glass, or like the bottle of their favourite drink. It can be tricky to create some of the more intricate shapes in glasses, like cocktail glass stems, so it can be useful to get a cake made by a professional cake maker if you are not a confident cake maker already. The frosting on a themed cake is important to either give the impression of a glass filled with liquid, or the details of a favourite label.

If you are getting a cake made externally and want it to replicate a bottle[,] it can be useful to show the cake maker an empty bottle they can use to model the cake on.  Many cake makers even have edible printing equipment, which can create edible labels for your bottle shaped cake!

Icing with a boozy kick

It you make a creamy icing, such as a butter cream icing, this can be flavoured with the favourite alcoholic drink. If the drink is a more fluid option such as wine or beer, the flavour can easily get lost in the taste of the icing, so it can make sense to get a flavour essence of wine or beer from a specialty store. Spirits can be used directly and usually taste strong enough to cut through the underlying icing flavour.

Soaked cakes

A variety of cake types can be soaked in alcohol to create a boozy cake. If you poke small holes in the cake, this can help the flavouring penetrate the entire height of the cake. This does make the cake extra moist, so be sure to assist the structure of the cake with a thicker fondant style of icing and some skewer style supports. Add the alcohol slowly over a few hours by spraying mists of alcohol rather than pouring from the bottle.

Whichever direction you chose to go in for your boozy birthday cake, it's bound to be a hit. If you are not feeling confident with the cake making process, why not contact a professional baker who specializes in birthday cakes.